Title Arash
Genre Animation, Family
Story & Script by Shahriar Bourbour - Arash Movie Script - available on amazon: Script
Logline Twelve year old Arash of Persia must outsmart a shape-shifting demon to end a bitter war with the rival empire of Tooran.
Synopsis   Arash is a twelve year old boy who lives in the city of Ray in ancient Persia. Like all children his age in those times, he attends archery and riding school with his girl friend Roxanne, and smarty pants best buddy Dastan. His father Abteen is a retired archer turned alchemist, who makes medicine for their family friend and Dastan's father, goofy doctor Broozieh. His mother is beautiful and wise Farangis.
  Life is not all rosy in Ray. Persia is under attack by the neighbor empire of Tooran. A mysterious spy by the name of Neerang has provided the Tooranians with information that helped them overtake vast stretches of Persian territory. Neerang suggests to the Tooranian emperor a strange but humiliating challenge to present to Persia. If a Persian archer can shoot an arrow from what is left of their realm far enough to the Oxus river the border will return to where it was before the war. If they cannot meet this challenge by the deadline of the summer Solstice Tooran will keep the occupied lands. A challenge that many Persian archers try to meet but fail.
  Arash believes he is old enough for his father to finally show him their family treasure. The treasure happens to be a golden arrow, forgotten and lost to legend, given to the legendary King Hooshang by the bird Queen Seemorgh, along with the recipe of fire powder that allows the arrow to fly great distances.
  After Arash rescues a fallen chick falcon, Seemorgh pays him a visit and leaves him a message in the form of a riddle, and a feather of hers. Legend has it that by setting the feather on fire Seemorgh will come to your rescue.
  Arash puts together one clue after another and figures out that the metaphor in Seemorgh's riddle is referring to his father's arrow and a ceremonial bow at the temple of Anahita.
  Arash and his father are allowed an audience with the king. Arash explains the connection between the bow and arrow. The king is intrigued, and in the absence of other options, and Solstice approaching, they devise a plan to shoot the arrow before the deadline.
  Neerang is also busy. He befriends Arash, intoxicates him and finds out the hiding place of the arrow. He also manages to steal the bow from the temple.
  On the eve of the summer Solstice, Arash, Roxanne, Dastan, and Abteen all come together at mount Damavand for a final showdown with Neerang. Can they retrieve the bow and arrow? What does Neerang want with them? Is the legend true? Does the arrow really fly with fire powder? Would Seemorgh be able to help?
  Well, of course Arash will prevail and succeed! But you need to watch the whole movie to find out how!

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